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  Jodhpuri suit   

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Nehru suit

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Jodhpuri Suit
Indian Wedding Suit for Groom

Jodhpuri  suits, when worn, imparts a regal look. Its custom fit makes it suitable for Royalty and wearing it will make you feel like a Prince.

Men who wear Jodhpuri  suits make power statements and get noticed which makes it eligible as a minister suit. This eligibility requires that it be a plain and simple garment. Because of these stringent requirements the Indian Jodhpuri Wedding Suit is custom made and sold under the name nehru suit. 

The Jodhpuri Suit jacket has the famous Nehru/Mandarin collar. When the exquisite hand and machine Zardosi embroidery treatment is applied, it looks more than just elegant, it is breathtaking. With western style trouser it has become the best wedding suit for groom's across around the world. 

Our Indian Jodhpuri Wedding Suit is always best suited for occasions like weddings and formal gatherings. And today it has become an Ideal outfit for relatives and close friends of the bride and the groom as well as for the best man

Cut and style of Jodhpuri suit:

The style of Jodhpuri suit has been copied everywhere but in truth, the perfect fit is obtained from perfect measurements of the body. This is only possible at Jodhpur where the Indian Jodhpuri Wedding Suits was born.
We are providing a measurement chart which must be filled out properly when placing your order. For those gentlemen who want an outfit that combines eastern influence with a western look, the Jodhpuri is the ideal option and will make you look incredibly elegant and stylish. 

No accessories are required with Jodhpuri suit

To achieve the desired look in a tuxedo; accessories are required which escalate the wedding attire budget. The Jodhpuri suit, however, requires no accessories such as cummerbunds,ties, ascots, scarves,gloves, flowers; handkerchiefs and jewelry (cufflinks,studs,etc). 
                    If you are adamant about wearing an accessory with your Jodhpuri suit, keeping it simple is a good idea. A plain necklace or a turban would be adequate as Less is sometimes more.

What to wear with Jodhpuri suit ?

A Nehru shirt is perfect and may be purchased at


JO318 JO319 JO321

Mens Classic Jodhpuri Suit With Breeches JO318

Mens Fashionable Velvet Jodhpuri Suit With Breeches JO319

Mens Black Polyester Jodhpuri Suit JO321
US$ 290 US$ 340 US$ 380




JO316 JO315 JO314

Mens Black Polyester Luxurious Jodhpuri Suit JO316

Mens Stylish Navy blue 2 pc Jodhpuri Suit JO315

Mens Engagement Black Jodhpuri Suit JO314
US$ 275 US$ 320 US$ 280




JO313 JO178 JO177
Mens Hand Work Sharkskin Ceremonial Jodhpuri Suit JO313 Mens Linen Cream Jodhpuri Coat JO178 Mens Prince Designer Purple gray Jodhpuri Suit JO177
US$ 380  US$ 260 US$ 360




JO176 JO175 JO174
Mens Attractive Designer Purple gray Jodhpuri Suit JO176 Mens Designer Cream Jodhpuri Suit JO175 Mens Engagement Designer Cream Jodhpuri Suit JO174
US$ 380  US$ 310  US$ 380




JO137 JO135 JO244
Mens Luxurious Designer Cream Jodhpuri Suit JO137 Mens Outstanding Wedding White Jodhpuri Suit JO135 Mens Eight Button Cream Groom Jodhpuri Suit JO244
US$ 380    US$ 480   US$ 263



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